Harrogate Lee Family T’ai Chi

The Harrogate T’ai Chi Club teaches all of the Taoist Arts originally taught by Chan Kam Lee and later by Chee Soo:

T’ai Chi 

Relaxed flowing exercise to improve health and well being. Suitable  for all ages  and recommended for all who wish to continue to exercise as they  grow older to retain their mobility and strength and lead a full and active life.

K’ai Men

Exercises to alleviate stress and tension and to activate the body’s natural energy.

Dao Yin

Respiration therapy, used in China as prescription exercises from doctors instead of pills / drugs, to relieve the symptoms of illness and help to rectify musculo-skeletal weaknesses.

Sticky Hands, Whirling Hands and Whirling Arms – Partnered exercises to  improve awareness of posture and tension, but also used to learn the underpinning principles below.

Underpinning Principles:

  •  Yin and Yang.
  •  The 10 Principles of External Posture.
  •  The 10 Principles of Internal Posture.
  •  The 8 T’ai Chi energies – Peng, Lu, An, Ji, Tsai, Lieh, Zhou, Kao.
  • The 6 harmonies.
  • The 4 gates.
  • Central core movement.